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In putting together these books, I have tried to focus on interests of the general public. Rubber Duck 5001 was spawned by an actual rubber duck race on the Chattahoochee River; an annual 4th of July event that only lasted a few years, and where I witnessed a small boy in a wheelchair rudely denied entrance with his little rubber duck. A Place I Called Home was remembered from the time I spent on the Davidson Ranch south of Las Animas, Colorado. Grapes of Wrath (Essay) was an essay I wrote in college after reading the novel by John Steinbeck. We Are at War was written because of the conflict in Iraq. I lived just outside Fort Benning, Georgia, at the time I wrote it, and also drove a taxi cab during that era of time, and listened to many tales brought home by our Military troops both from Iraq and also from Vietnam. Cab Eighty Nine was thought up as a result of my years in the taxi business. Old Yellow Doc was the best stallion I have owned. He died in 2010. The rest of the stories are purely fictional. And in dipping into my imagination I hope I have come up some enjoyable pieces of writing that you, the readers, will enjoy and recommend to your friends. Thank you for being my loyal and loving public. 

Destiny's Call

Destiny's Call reveals a young
man who did not know until he left home that he was the son of a notorious outlaw.
And tells of the struggles he has to deal with to over come the shadow of his father's

Pieces of a Cowgirl's Life

Etta Jo Haggard didn't care that their church doctrine had recorded for her to become engaged to and to marry Dexter Trohold when she turned eighteen. He was mean, arrogant, selfish, and a dominating bully -- and marry him? Not on your life! She had plans for entering the Barrel Racing Event and then going on to college to become a Veterinarian, and her plans did not include Dexter Trohold.

They Called Him RJ

The bidding stopped when the seller told the announcer the big chestnut stallion he rode into the sale ring had a habit of leaving home and returning when he chose to. He had called him RJ. They took RJ with them to the wild herd, and he proved he could sort and load wild mares into a horse trailer on command from Eldon Hanks.An ad Hanks pinned to the bulletin board outside the Sheriff's office drew a man who had known the seller, and who knew the chestnut stallion. Even he was amazed at the stallion who was loved and respected by these ranchers. And they called him RJ.

Janice N. Chapman

I was born in Woodward, Oklahoma in 1941. I raised in northwest Oklahoma just south and west of Laverne, Oklahoma. I now live in Harper, Kansas, where I own a small Five Cent Triangle Ranch on which my son and I raise horses.

I would like to mention that Harvey Derrick of Edmund, Oklahoma, was instrumental in helping me put together some of my poetry collections. And Baxter Black of Benson, Arizona, was instrumental in getting me to write novels.

I have had much encouragement from many of my other friends as well --Eddy Harrison, Jerry Warren, Red Steagall, Doris Daley, Jerry Nine, the late Rod Nichols, Stan Paregien, Ron Loof, Ron Brinegar, Jack Sammon, Hilma Volk, Gary Jacobson, my cousin Larry Dudley (author of A Cowboy's Heart), my sister Treva Stogner, My daughters, Donna Padgett, Glenna Johnson and Kathern Spann and my sons A. R. Plain and Travis McDougald, my best friend Patricia Kelley, and the list goes on to include some of my former co-workers from Wal Mart and some of my physicians as well. I am grateful for each and every one of them.


“While reading this book, I could clearly hear the voice of Louis L'Amour narrating it. I can't wait for this book Destiny's Call to come out in Audio. It's an excellent read!! I highly recommend this book for your reading collection, I also look forward to a Quartet collection of this book from this author.”

“I am a fan of horse stories. Hers is a book that kept me awake until I solve the mystery.”

“Highly recommend this book, It shows the connection between horse and her owner or “equestrian, Amazing Chestnut Stallion”


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