Destiny's Call

Brad Anderson doesn’t know he is an outlaw’s son, but he does know that he has to escape the misery of his father’s ranch. He’s learned how to train horses from an old Indian; and how to work cattle from the cowboys who worked on the ranch, and from them he learned their values, to be trustworthy and honest. These values will have to carry him forward when Brad finally leaves home as a young man, fleeing his father’s constant, cruel wrath. With no idea what destiny has in store for him, Brad hires on with Crosby Leonard, a respected rancher in the community and an ally. Brad proves to be a hard worker and a trusted ranch hand, but the truth about his father soon comes out…and Brad’s own reputation will have to overshadow the fact that he is the son of a notorious outlaw.

Destiny's Call

Destiny's Call reveals a young man who did not know until he left home that he was the son of a notorious outlaw.
And tells of the struggles he has to deal with to over come the shadow of his father's reputation.


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