Pieces of a Cowgirl's Life

Etta Jo Haggard didn't care that their church doctrine had recorded for her to become engaged to and to marry Dexter Trohold when she turned eighteen. He was mean, arrogant, selfish, and a dominating bully -- and marry him? Not on your life! She had plans for entering the Barrel Racing Event and then going on to college to become a Veterinarian, and her plans did not include Dexter Trohold.

Pieces of a Cowgirl's Life

Her damaged church document allowed her to choose whom she wanted to become engaged to, and she chose the man she loved, Haskel Robins. Dexter Trohold dealt her family some misery that landed him in prison.
Later after breaking out he kidnapped her from the college dorm. She jumped from his car suffering some minor injuries, and Dexter was killed by a Highway Patrolman after shooting at the officer. 


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