Priceless Pages from Amazing People

This book is a reflection of the hearts and souls of true American people: poets that have written pieces of their lives into their poems. You will laugh with them. You will cry with them. You will share their lives as you read through their writings. They have lived in the Military. They have lived in war zones. They have experienced episodes of tragedies and rejections right here at home. They have humbled themselves with God. They have lived on ranches and in the cities and smaller towns across these United States. They are the working Americans who have found time to record pieces of their lives in poems. Some of them also perform their poetry at various events across the nation.

Priceless Pages from Amazing People

I am proud to call them friends. I am proud and honored that they have allowed me to share their poetry and mini short stories along with mine in this book.


© Copyright 2020 Janice N. Chapman  - All Rights Reserved

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