Writin’ the Range

The saddle told the story As it sat there on the rack. It had been someone’s pride and joy Just a few years back. It spoke of doing rodeo, A circuit of twelve long years, When at times its owner Had to swallow back his fears ... Janice N. Chapman shares poetry, both fiction and fact, that helps others visualize the characters, places, sounds, smells, and timeless struggles of life in the American West. In a unique collection of verse, Chapman candidly reflects on the hardships the people of rural America have endured with pride and an unyielding spirit of perseverance and survival. While depicting the challenges and triumphs of yesteryear, Chapman reveals a well-rounded portrait both of the cowboy life and of the everyday folks who call cattle country their home that openly offers a genuine glimpse into their emotions, losses, hardships, and joys. 

Writin’ the Range    

Writin’ the Range shares poems that depict the lives and struggles of those brave and strong enough to call the American West home.


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